Our Company
Mathiis Chapell LLC is a highly structured motion picture development, production and distribution company. We have assembled a highly skilled team that possesses a lifetime of successful experience in the film industry. Our developed film property is currently in funding for production under the highly successful and proven studio model of film business. Independent film industry experts have performed a rigorous internal “Green Light” process to determine through due diligence and historical precedent that our film is globally marketable and financially viable.

Motion Picture Industry Thrives
While the current economic decline and international unrest has diminished nearly all commerce, it has conversely produced a boom for the motion picture industry. Mathiis Chapell LLC was formed to specifically exploit the immediate opportunities that exist in the independent feature film market. Nationally, for the first time, single-year theatrical boxoffice grosses in the US crossed the $8 billion mark, reaching a total of $8.38 billion in 2001. This increase continued the longest expansion in movie business history as revenue increased for an unprecedented 10th straight year. The last quarter of 2001 saw a virtual wold-wide financial disaster except at the box office, which had one of the highest grossing quarters of all time.

Our Mission
Our great desire is to use this most powerful medium to endear the human spirit, engender faith and hope, and lift mankind through excellent stories directed to a global audience. We will focus all of our efforts toward the successful development, production and distribution of our motion picture. Our team will use its vast expertise in extracting the greatest value for every production and distribution dollar, creating the widest cost-to-profit ratio and the earliest and highest return on investment for all profit participants.
Film Property:
The Dead Guy
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